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233 Reviews

IDF Bracelet

Show your support for the Israel Defence Forces! The bracelet fits most wrists. The text reads IDF together with it's Hebrew acronym, TzaHaL.

71 Reviews

Silver Name Necklace in Hebrew

Display your Hebrew identity proudly with this necklace, beautiful in its simplicity. The classic Hebrew print font, in sterling silver, made custom with your name.

29 Reviews

Traditional Pure Wool Tallit. Blue with silver stripes

The tallit with its four tzitzit fringes remind a Jew that whatever direction he turns, he should be directing himself towards G-d's commandments.

1 Reviews

14K Gold Classic Hebrew Name Necklace

The 14K gold of the silver name necklace above, this is a great gift for a special occasion such as a bat mitzvah, graduation or wedding.

5 Reviews

Sterling Silver Cut-Out Customizable Hebrew Name Ring

If you prefer to wear your name on your hand, we have a range of personalized name jewelry beyond necklaces. This one features your name between two thin bands.

10 Reviews

Persian Amulet Replica. Sterling Silver and Leather Bracelet.

In Jewish tradition, certain pious people were able to create amulets, involving the writing of various names of G-d, to promote the healing or other wellbeing of the bearer. This is a replica of a Persian amulet in The Israel Museum's collection, dating back roughly 150 years.

28 Reviews

AHAVA DERMUD Intensive Hand Cream. (for dry and sensitive skin)

This hand Cream won SHAPE Magazine's annual SHAPE of Beauty Award in the Hand, Foot and Nail category. It's no wonder our customers often buy two tubes rather than one.

11 Reviews

Edom Mineral Hand Cream

This unique hand cream is non-oily and rich in the miraculous minerals and waters of the Dead Sea. Edom Hand Cream soothes, relaxes and revitalizes dry, chafed skin...

8 Reviews

AHAVA Essential Day Moisturizer. For very dry skin

This one-of-a-kind moisturizer's exclusive mineral-rich formulation, naturally softens and revives even the most parched skin cells thanks to a unique moisture-enabling natural compound...

1 Reviews

Laura Cowan Magnetic Box Travel Hanukkah Menorah

Visiting friends or family during the holiday? Don't worry about shlepping an awkwardly shaped Chanukiyah with you. Instead, bring a box with 9 magnetic candle holders, and arrange the holders in a row following your colour choices.

11 Reviews

Hanukkah Candles - Blue and White

In the ancient Holy City of Tzfat (Safed) nestled in the hills of the upper Galillee, skilled craftsmen create pretty candles to bring the light of the Holy Land into your home...

2 Reviews

Set of 44 Pre-Filled Gelled Olive Oil Cups for Hanukkah: Medium

What if you want to fulfil the mitzvah of lighting your Chanukiyah with olive oil but don't want the attendant mess? These cups are filled with 90% olive oil, solidified with an addition of 10% parafin.

9 Reviews

Passover Seder Plate. Armenian Style Ceramic

This fantastic ceramic seder plate will add a touch of regal splendor to your seder table! It features classic Armenian designs throughout.

0 Review

The Koren Ethiopian Haggada: Journey to Freedom (Hardcover)

The Passover Seder recounts the story of the Hebrews' Exodus from Egypt, and this Haggadah further shares the parallel story of the Jews of Ethiopia return from exile to Israel.

3 Reviews

Recanati Cabernet Sauvignon. Vintage 2013

Recanati wines are produced under the leadership of vintners Gil Shatsberg and Kobi Arviv. Amongst other things, they are known for emphasizing Middle Eastern and Israeli grape species such as Petite Syrah and Marawi. This wine is a medium bodied dry red with a deeply fruity aroma of cherries and blackberries layered smoky oak, caramel and Mediterraneam herbs.

1 Review

Pomegranate Shape Cast Aluminum Honey/Candy Dish

This attractive honey dish can serve as a centerpiece on your Rosh Hashanah table, or to hold candy for the grandkids. There's a glass plate inside for the honey, to make it easy to wash.

3 Reviews

Deluxe Mini Torah Scroll Replica With Full Text Including Vowels (Nekudot)

This Torah scroll replica can be carried by a child and gives them a grownup feeling by having the look and feel of the real thing. It contains a scroll with the whole text of the Torah including vowels (aka nekudot).

2 Reviews

Classical Ram's Horn Shofar - Large - Natural

This natural shofar is unpolished, appearing as it did on the ram. You can picture Jews throughout the ages blowing similar horns both to arouse themselves and others to repentance on Yom Kippur and before going to war.

3 Reviews

Silver Kiddush Cup and Saucer with Golden Highlights

The 3-dimensional relief on this kiddush cup is a modern touch on a key piece of judaica and a classic theme in judaica: Jerusalem. Combining the old with the new for a remarkable item to enhance the Shabbat and holiday table.

2 Reviews

Yealat Chen Stone and Silver Plated Shabbat Candlesticks

This original candlestick design features colourful stone with the words "Holy Sabbath" ("Shabbat Kodesh") written in silver plating. Combine tradition and modern elegance, for a stylish gift or treat yourself.

3 Reviews

Yair Emanuel Afghan Jewish Community Replica Challah Cover

This unique challah cover is based on an old Afghan challah cover. The Jewish community in Afghanistan went back thousands of years, and immigrated to Israel largely at the start of the 1900s

16 Reviews

Yair Emanuel Embroidered Silk Kippah - Stars of David - Blue

This silk kippah features a ring of Maginey David (Stars of David), also referred to as Solomon's Seal (Solomon was David's son and heir).

2 Reviews

The Koren Sacks Siddur (Hebrew / English)

Former Chief Rabbi of the UK & Commonwealth, Lord Rabbi Jonathan Sacks wrote a new introduction, commentary and translationto the prayer text. With one of the English-speaking world's favourite commentators and easy to read type, this siddur is a winner.

0 Review

Yair Emanuel Jerusalem Skyline Tzedakah Box

This colourful wooden tzedakah box features the skyline of Jerusalem's Old City. It is hand-painted featuring Israeli artist Yair Emanuel's famous style.

26 Reviews

House Blessing Plate (English)

This Armenian style ceramic plate features the Blessing for the Home (in English). A bright floral motif in yellows, blues, reds and more decorates the rim.

1 Review

Barbara Shaw Mug - Mensch

This awesome mug features the Yiddish word mensch, a person known for his quality of character and good deeds. Know anyone like that? Let him know with this practical and stylish work of art.

2 Reviews

Carta's Large Sizef Map of Israel

Produced by the latest cartographical methods, Carta's Map of Israel --- Holy Land 2000 is up-to-date and innovative. The map's major innovation is its topographical relief,enabling you...

38 Reviews

Canaan Handmade Leather Sandals. Variety of Colors

These stylish handmade leather unisex sandals feature a pleasantly smooth base with straps securing the ankle and forefoot for a simple yet comfortably secure design...

4 Reviews

Israeli Paratrooper T-Shirt. Bordeaux

Show your love and support for the defenders of Israel - as well as your sense of fun - with this great t-shirt featuring the insignia of the Israeli Corps of Paratroopers!...

9 Reviews

Israel T-Shirt - I Stand with Israel. Variety of Colors

We got tired of seeing the same old designs everywhere, so we went to one of Israel's top graphic artists and came up with a fantastic new line of t-shirts. We're sure you'll love it!...